Project Overview:

With great experience come great projects. Just imagine: you can develop a product that should completely change the business of one of the world's largest companies!

Our client is an innovative global company from the Fortune 500. Consumer Goods Producer and Retailer with headquarters in Switzerland that sells its products in 130 countries. Intellias mission is to support its strategy and efforts in the Digital and eCommerce space.

A newly conceptualized Digital Eco System is comprised of set of capabilities including online shop & website, linking online & offline, customization & personalization, engagement & membership, digital product & services.

Олександра Півненко
  • Improve cloud platform for increased delivery speed and product flexibility;
  • Develop self-service infrastructure provisioning, delivery pipelines, log and monitoring services;
  • Codifying and managing cloud infrastructure on top of Azure and Kubernetes;
  • Improve infrastructure continuously;
  • Building and administering CI/CD pipelines in GitLab;
  • Implement and improve DevOps practices for DES solutions;
  • Adopting, codifying, and administering new DevOps tools for a 200+ developer organization.

This position is required to be ON-CALL:

  • Reason: solving the P1 incidents in the shortest time on a 24/7 basis;
  • DevOps on-call team responsible for all infra-related questions/incidents;
  • Time to react: during the 'standby' shift product engineer must answer the call within 10 minutes and join the respective Incident Bridge call within 20 minutes to be a part of the Incident Responders team;
  • On-call shift for main on-call person from Monday 12:00 till Monday 11:59;
  • Backup person in case of on-call not answering for any reason from Monday 12:00 till Monday 11:59, prior to on-call shift;
  • Min 6 person for on-call rota.
  • 3+ years of experience in using Azure or alternative cloud services. Extended knowledge of Azure ecosystem;
  • 3+ years of automating cloud infrastructure deployments with Terraform;
  • 3+ years of experience in CI/CD pipelines with GitLab or other CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, etc.);
  • 3+ years of building monitoring and log aggregations systems;
  • Experience in incident management and post-mortem culture;
  • Experience in Python;
  • Proficiency to communicate over a text-based medium (MS Teams, Jira/Confluence, email) and ability to concisely document technical details;
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills.
Nice to have:
  • Experience with data modeling/warehousing techniques and data integration;
  • Experience working with the latest tools & techniques in the field of data. Advantage if it is datawarehousing project, data platforms or marketing automation;
  • Hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure Data & Analytics Services such as Data Lake, CosmosDB, SQL APIs and DevOps (Building CI/CD pipelines (GitLab) and complete knowledge on NoSQL concepts).


Higher Education:
  • Master's Degree.

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