Project Overview:

Our Client is the world's largest independent engineering service provider for fully integrated solutions in the automotive industry. With their interdisciplinary team of experts, they design and define the mobility of tomorrow. In addition, they also provide engineering services in the vehicle engineering, electrics/electronics and production solutions segments.

Our Client wants to open new development center in Spain and looking for prosperous Functional Safety engineer.

Юлія Дударчук
  • Prepare system Safety Workproducts:
    • Functional Safety Concept;
    • Fault Tree Analysis;
    • FMEA.
  • Support preparation of Feature profile;
  • Preparation of Functional Safety Concept (FSC) and Technical Safety Concept (TSC) in DOORS based on the customer requirements including linking;
  • Preparation of system FMEA (APIS-IQ-FMEA);
  • Preparation of system Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) using Reliability Workbench and Medini;
  • Traceability btw the different WP and requirements;
  • Provide Status information on activities to PM team;
  • Timeline for each feature sprint 2 weeks for preparation of the safety workproducts (valid for 2 weeks sprint). In case of 4 weeks sprint, week 3 &4 are reserved for rework acc. to review results;
  • Request is to provide capability to develop FSC, TSC, FTA and FMEA;
  • Delivery of the requested Feature Sprint related System Safety work products (FSC,TSC, FTA, FMEA) after each Sprint;
  • Support FSC,TSC, FTA, FMEA for in average 1 Feature/3 weeks --> 6 features.
  • Requirements engineering;
  • Doors tool know how;
  • FMEA with APIS IQ;
  • FSC and TSC acc. to ISO 26262;
  • FTA with Reliability Workbench and Medini;
  • Experience in ASPICE SYS.2 and SYS.3 process to understand the idea and targets of the workproducts prepared as part of the Application project;
  • English language skills and capability to technically negotiate all Team-task related open topics with the vehicle manufacturer and customer. German would also be a bonus but it is not mandatory;
  • Basic knowledge for agile working philosophy to understand the idea of how to work in the project and capability to stick to the given timeboxes per sprint;
  • Proficient in Spanish is a must.
Higher Education:
  • Specialist / Professional Certified.


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