Are you a leader with an entrepreneurial mindset? Apply your skills and expertise at Intellias – a top IT employer and leading service provider. Join in and grow within the worldwide IT community. 

Project Overview:

Intellias is a global technology company with over 3200 specialists on board. We combine engineering mastery and technology expertise to solve challenges of any nature, scale, and complexity. Our development centers are located in Europe, Americas, Middle East, and Asia. More than 2 billion people around the world use software solutions developed by Intellias engineers.  

To support our rapid growth, we seek to hire a Sales Development Representative to support one of our strategic segments — Telecom and Media.  
This position is highly exciting and compatible if you: 

  • Are keen on B2B software and services sales, hunting for new accounts, and engaging prospects that have expressed an interest through inbound channels, understanding their key problems to help you drive the lead qualification process and establish sales qualified appointments; 
  • Have a highly polished personal brand (especially on LinkedIn), an expansive professional network, and have complimented your sales behavior and technique with digital and social selling skills to drive engagement among modern buyers; 
  • Are committed to fostering team achievement, achieving significant results while remaining humble, lead yourself with a growth mindset and purpose, and have an insatiable desire to learn. 
Андрій Фатєєв
  • Engage buyers and customers in a Consultative Selling sales approach;
  • Manage multiple accounts simultaneously during early stages of the funnel;
  • Maintain CRM records of all sales leads and/or customer accounts while continually assessing and communicating goal attainment statuses;
  • Be a brand advocate during all customer and prospect interactions while identifying new opportunities that drive value;
  • Monitor the company's industry competitors, new products, and market conditions to identify new business opportunities.
  • Strong understanding of market dynamics particularly in the Telecom and Media or Entertainment business domains;
  • Demonstrable understanding of the IT Outsourcing industry, its business models, sales cycle and markets, and modern software development practices and processes, both industry-specific and generic (e.g. Agile, DevOps);
  • Strong understanding and experience with modern B2B sales processes and techniques;
  • Experience focusing on inbound and outbound lead qualification, identifying and researching potential clients, connecting with and educating prospects and qualifying leads that progress to sales qualified appointments;
  • Strong presentation skills to be able to speak comfortably and effectively in front of large audiences at virtual or onsite events;
  • Technical background or orientation is a plus.
What it’s like to
work at Intellias:

Being at the forefront of global technology, we always place individuals ahead of processes. We're committed to nurturing an environment that unleashes the full potential of tech leaders like you. Our people-centered culture and benefits make this an ideal journey for those passionate about executive excellence, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the global tech impact.


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