Project Overview:

Our Customer is a global provider of the real-time mapping & location services to top world carmakers and enterprises. From navigation systems and autonomous driving, to the Internet of Things, we are building the future of location technology.

The Program's major scope of work is compilation and provision of navigation maps with fresh, enriched, and enhanced content for top world car manufacturers.

We are currently looking for a Release Engineer to keep deliver our products in accordance with high standard of quality. You will be responsible for top quality deliverables of our solutions to Automotive Customers.

Юлія Кравцова
  • Release maps as per requirements and schedules following the established process and practices.
  • Package compiled and tested maps via automated packaging pipeline as per requirements and schedules following the established process and practices.
  • Integrate 3rd party databases and external content into maps.
  • Configure and maintain schedule of nightly build compilations.
  • Monitor and report map compilation blockers and showstoppers.
  • Manage and control map inputs like map assets, data, configuration, etc., following schedules.
  • Create map accompanying documentation like Release Notes, statistics, etc.
  • Create and maintain release plans based on provided inputs.
  • Improve, manage and control the map production activities and release process.
  • Collaborate with and support project and product managers, and software development teams to meet release goals and guarantee meeting agreed release delivery schedule.
  • Contribute to Continuous Integration system for release related activities.
  • Manage, automate and optimise build systems in conjunction with DevOps Engineers for better efficiency.
  • Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science or related fields;
  • 2+ year experience in software engineering industry;
  • Good communication skills in English, both written and spoken;
  • Broad view of software development methodologies and best practices;
  • Understanding of product development life cycle and quality assurance at its levels;
  • Good communication and teamwork skills;
  • Experience in software testing or understanding of basic concepts of software testing;
  • Experience in AWS services (s3, EC2, DynamoDB);
  • Experience in continuous integration tools (Jenkins, GitLab);
  • Experience in Bash scripting (6+ months of proven practical experience);
  • Experience in version control systems (GIT, GitLab, Gerrit, and Bitbucket), code review process;
  • Experience in SW development tools (Visual Studio / PyCharm etc.);
  • Experience in Quality Assurance;
  • Knowledge of Atlassian stack (JIRA/Confluence);
  • Attentiveness to details;
  • Ability to work efficiently keeping to the strict schedule and quality requirements.
Nice to have:
  • Experience in Linux;
  • Experience in Ansible configuration;
  • Experience in JSON-based configuration syntax;
  • Experience in Software Release Management, Configuration Management;
  • Experience in Automotive services.
Higher Education:
  • Bachelor's Degree.



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