Dive deep into Digital! For 20 years Intellias has been developing top-tier digital solutions for the world’s leading companies, keeping them in line with the latest technology trends. Join in and provide innovations for the future!

Project Overview:

The product we develop is one of the world’s largest SaaS digital advertising platforms, managing nearly $5B in ad spending with 700+ brands worldwide.
The client's leading end-to-end technology and outstanding customer service help brands such as Walmart, FanDuel, L’Oreal, Warner Bros. Discovery, Nestle, and Disney/ESPN to expand their ads reach, ignite creativity, and gain invaluable ad insights across the largest media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google.

Talent Delivery Manager, Bulgaria
Chudomir Dimitrov
  • Advocate for the needs and goals of users, incorporating human-centered ideas into design solutions;
  • Actively engage in presale and upsale activities, including creating proposals and delivering persuasive presentations;
  • Facilitate and lead workshops, fostering innovation and ideation for design solutions;
  • Effectively communicate complex ideas, concepts, and design strategies to diverse audiences through verbal and visual means;
  • Collaborate efficiently with cross-functional teams, such as product managers, developers, and stakeholders, to drive design initiatives;
  • Champion the creation of exceptional user experiences that adhere to industry best practices and standards;
  • Validate and refine design solutions through comprehensive user testing, feedback, and iterative improvements;
  • Ensure inclusive and accessible experiences for users of diverse abilities, proactively adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines;
  • Confidently present design solutions to stakeholders and project teams, influencing decisions and gaining support for design direction;
  • Lead and manage a small design team, overseeing project designers, delegating tasks, and ensuring successful project execution;
  • Cultivate a supportive team environment, actively engaging in the growth and development of team members, tracking performance, and providing necessary support;
  • Mentor and guide team members, fostering their growth and expertise development;
  • Share insights and expertise in knowledge-sharing sessions, conferences, and industry events to contribute to the design community's advancement.
  • In-depth understanding of the subject area;
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience in design, including at least 2 years in a team leadership role;
  • Business problem-solving mindset with a focus on human-centered approaches;
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills with project teams, internal stakeholders, and external partners;
  • Design approach that involves research, testing and iteration of designs;
  • Extensive experience in designing and delivering world-class digital solutions;
  • Deep understanding of fundamental visual and interactive design disciplines and principles;
  • Experience designing and validating solutions following accessibility design guidelines and best practices;
  • Portfolio: Demonstrated case studies showcasing impactful results;
  • Experience in creating and presenting proposals;
  • Solid skills in workshops planning and facilitation;
  • Proficiency in delivering compelling presentations;
  • Solid time management and prioritization skills to handle fast-paced, multi-project environments;
  • Experience leading small-sized teams, including organizing, motivating, and evaluating team and individual performance;
  • Strong leadership skills with a focus on developing people, providing feedback, and motivation;
  • Proficient in setting objectives and effective planning;
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and criticism;
  • Confident skills in task and requirements analysis, as well as effort estimation.


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